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What Cock Control Means for You

by Ms. EmmaJane of www.fetishphonesexcalls.com

How Is Cock Control Accomplished?

The first step in successful cock control is a willingness to experience a complete transfer of power and loss of control at the adept hands of a strong Dominant Woman. Of course, no one ever said -or should expect- this surrender of control to be a blind or arbitrary giving over of the control of your cock to just anyone. That is simply unreasonable and unrealistic. You need to know to whom it is you're giving control in order to maximize the benefits of someone else being in control of your stroking – or lack thereof, as the individual case may be.

For cock control to be truly successful, the second step -finding the right Mistress- is crucial. There needs to exist a connection between you and the Woman who is to be “the” right masturbatrix for you. A genuine connection is required for effective communication, building of trust, collaboration, and full commitment from you. Ask questions. Be honest in the answers you give to questions. Make clear your needs, wants, and goals. Ensure that you understand what cock control is going to mean for you. Find a Mistress with whom you feel comfortable, secure, and confident, as she will be making some important decisions for you – so be sure you are also ready and willing to follow instructions to the letter.

Whom Does Cock Control Benefit?

Cock control can benefit any man who is curious or has an interest in it. It can be a fun change of pace, an adjunct to other sex play, a way to enrich your private sex life or a means to a sexual end (that does not necessarily have to be an orgasm!). Like any other undertaking, you will get out of it what you put into it. It may be a sense of control you wish to experience only once, every now and again, regularly or indefinitely, depending on your individual goals. While you do not need to have a “special” circumstance to want or need cock control, there are certainly men who do require cock control for various reasons. Some of those situations are as follows:

Cock Control and the Compulsive Masturbator

Some men simply cannot keep their hands out of their pants and off their cocks. They jerk off every chance they get, sometimes to the extent that it interferes with work, intimate relationships, time management, a well-rounded use of leisure time, and a horde of other personal avenues. Such men are out of control and claim they “just can't stop” themselves because they're “just horny all the time” and wanking furiously is all they can seem to think of doing. Let's face it. When you are embarrassed or ashamed to report the frequency of your masturbatory habits, you know you're spanking your monkey entirely too much. This is where cock control comes into play for you.

The Mistress to whom you entrust with controlling your cock will put a stop to all of that constant fist-pumping. She may allow you only to masturbate when you are in session with her, strictly forbidding it at all other times. You may be allowed to stroke outside of session, but only with explicit permission and while following set guidelines. It may be that she puts you on a masturbation schedule, which you will be expected to follow to the finest detail. As a stand-alone or adjunct requirement, you may be required to sign a cock control contract, which lays out the do's and don'ts of your stroking – and establishes consequences should you break your agreement (which you will be required to forthrightly confess). If you turn over all control of your cock as you should, time should begin to see an improvement in how often you think of masturbating, the frequency at which you feel you “must” masturbate, and even your orgasm control. Once again, your commitment and honesty are absolutely essential for this kind of cock control to work.

Cock Control and the Quick Cummer

You're like a balloon being inflated when you masturbate. Your eager dick grows steadily (or quickly!), you stroke only a few minutes, and then -as soon as you're super hard- you pop. Game over. All done. That is always an unfortunate, unseemly, and unsightly event, and certainly nothing to write home or brag about. You hang your head in shame and wonder “Why...?”

Well, buck up, Quick Draw! There IS help. All you need is a good dose of cock control with a strong Woman who will take command of your cock, directing your stroking, setting your pace, reeling you back in when you are about to spiral out of control. Knowing that you have a short orgasmic fuse, your Mistress is always a step ahead of you and will NOT allow you to jump the gun. It make take great patience and some trial-and-effort to train you to the point where your ejaculatory stamina just begins to enter the range of acceptability for even the most relaxed woman, but with persistence, tenacity, and dedication, you can learn to control your urge to spooge like a streak of seminal lighting!

Regardless of a legitimate need or simply a yen for the experience, cock control may be just the thing you -and your aching cock- need.

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